Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stumble Upon Horror Photos

Nothing original here. But thanks to Saleel I rediscovered what pleasant accidents social media sites can cause.

Horror film enthusiasts, hover your cursor over the gallery below to see the photos I stumbled upon on FindAccidentally accidentally found on StumbleUpon.

Note that these pictures are for sale and they're not created in Photoshop, but with real people wearing makeup and costumes - or so says the author.

Now, to get to my point... if you are (or would like to become) a StumbleUpon user, don't forget to use the bookmark button below each post and rate this blog :)


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing it, I hope I will see more better post than this and I will be a frequent visitor from now onwards. Keep it up and keep rocking.

  2. I like all of your photos. Thanks and good luck to you


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