Sunday, January 18, 2009

Apuseni > Muntii Bihorului > Zona Padis

Thanks to my younger sister I finally found a proper soundtrack for the images I filmed last year in September. Hope you enjoy the Padis experience:

The Padis area (Zona Padis) is located in Bihor's Mountains (Muntii Bihorului) and those, in turn, are part of the Romanian Apuseni Mountains (Muntii Apuseni). Here are some of the main attractions in this region, ordered as they appear in my video:

Pestera Focul Viu: there's a large opening in the roof of this cavern. In summer, on a sunny day, light shines through the opening and onto the glacier inside, creating an illusion of burning fire.

Pietrele Galbenei: large cliff face overlooking a vast valley.

Lumea Pierduta: "The Lost World" - several avens (vertical caves) are grouped in this area, the most spectacular one being Avenul Gemanata.

Cetatile Radesei & Cheile Somesului Cald: a network of tunnels and vertical shafts (avens) dug through the mountain by water.

Cetatile Ponorului: a formation similar to "Cetatile Radesei", but on a much larger scale. The portal seen in the video is its main entrance and it's 73m tall - about as high as a 20 story building.

Pestera Ghetarului de la Scarisoara: the cave which houses the largest glacier in Romania.


  1. Impresionant :)...privind imi dau seama ca mai vreau odata totusi ceva lipseste sa completeze peisajul:...palinca de Bihor :D.


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