Monday, April 28, 2014

Istanbul - Jan 2014

Shots from Istanbul? Yeah, why not?! Shortly after my trip to Piatra Mare I went to Istanbul, Turkey. So without further delay, here are the pictures I grabbed during my latest incursion into ottoman territory.

Galata Tower and Turkey's flag Galata Tower seen across the Golden Horn Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge
Istanbul (Topkapi, Ayasofya, Blue Mosque) seen from Camlica Hill Bosphorus Bridge seen from Camlica Hill at night Topkapi, Ayasofya, Blue Mosque seen across Bosphorus Strait
On Istanbul's Marmaray subway - under Bosphorus Souvernir shop in Istanbul Palace Dolmabahce and Bosphorus Bridge
Istanbul Dolmabahce Peacock at Dolmabahce Peacock at Dolmabahce Istanbul
Dolmabahce Palace - front entrance Girl posing in front of tram on Istiklal Street - Istanbul Istiklal Street - Istanbul
Galata Tower Istanbul Topkapi seen from Galata Tower Topkapi, Ayasofya, Blue Mosque, Galata Bridgr seen from Galata Tower
Fishing rods on Galata Bridge Entrance gate - Hagia Sophia Virgin Mother and Child - Ayasofya
Hagia Sofia - calligraphy medalion Ayasofya - view from the balcony A cat outside Ayasofya
Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed) Istanbul Ayasofya - front view from outside Sweets and spices in Istanbul
Spices in Istanbul's Spice Bazaar Suleymaniye Mosque Istanbul Inside one of the towers from Yedikule
Yedikule Istanbul Yedikule Istanbul tower Istanbul Roman ruins - Theodosian Walls
Commemorative sign for Constantin Brancoveanu at Yedikule Istanbul Fishermen on Galata Bridge at night

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