Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Number Pi and Quadratic Equations

I always believed mathematics is among the few sciences which can bring you closer to the truth about "Life, the Universe and Everything". The reason: it reveals marvelous "coincidences" hidden behind various natural phenomena and it brings out repetitive patterns implanted into our reality by a higher intelligence.

Number Pi or quadratic equations are only two of these "coincidences" or patterns. Here are two graphics showcasing a short story for each of them - click the images below to view them in full size and don't forget to share this content or leave a comment if you're as enthusiastic about this stuff as I am.

Online Schooling - Facts about number Pi

Source: Online Schooling

Online Schooling - Quadratic Equation



  1. Cool stuff, really interesting :)

  2. It should be noted also that if you move the left half of the circle up touching on the line where the right half of the circle touches you get a wave. It is commonly believed that waves make up the sub-atomic particles. Just some mumbo jumbo in my brain. This site helps me to my thesis writing on this theme. Hope this helps someone :)


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